“If you look at the distribution of wealth worldwide, it is evident that it is not exactly the paradigm of equality and equity. Anyone who is following stories the media generates is aware that there are huge disparities in economic opportunities. When the expression “world hunger” is used, a majority of us first think of African children. On the other hand, the word “luxury” draws the images of Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, and London in our minds. However, unequal income distribution is not only inherent to the world as a whole, but also to each and every country. Perhaps the best example of wealth gap lies in that viral image of Brazilian city which shows slums, also known as favelas, on one side of the wall and luxury apartments on the other. One community lives in proximity to other, with just a thin wall between them, yet they could not be farther apart.”

I am sure that the scene depicted above looks familiar to many of us. Whatever city you live in, if you go out and walk down its busiest streets, chances are that you will see examples of two different modes of existence. In front of the fanciest shop, with expensively decorated shop windows, will be a homeless man asking for some change. It is the grim reality of the world we live in and one that is difficult to change. Insider Monkey’s article on 25 most unequal countries with the worst income equality (Gini coefficient) in the world deals with precisely this matter: social inequalities. By taking into account the data on Gini coefficient provided by relevant sources such as CIA and OECD, the author ranks top countries with the worst wealth distribution in the world. Do you think your country has found its place on this list? Check out the article and satisfy your curiosity.