25 Safest Fastest Growing Cities in America with High Paying Jobs


Is it possible to find a city in America which boasts high safety, excellent wages and solid economic output at the same time? According to Insider Monkey and its article 25 safest fastest growing cities in America with high paying jobs, the answer is yes. The article claims that there are places which attract thousands of newcomers every year thanks to abundance of employment opportunities, fat paychecks and relatively low crime rates.
As the title of the article suggests Insider Monkey took into account a few criteria while creating this ranking – number of property and violent offences per 100,000 residents, average hourly earnings, population increase between 2015 and 2016, and gross domestic product growth. Violent crime rates in the US have gone up by 3.4% while property crime offenses have recorded the decline of 2%. Majority of cities included in Insider Monkey’s ranking have crime rates well below national average (there are few places which have crime rates above national level and which found place on the list because of excellent wages and economic growth). Moreover the ranking presents some of the best paying areas in the US where employees may earn as much as $44 per hour on average. Finally all cities in the ranking saw population increase and gross domestic product growth. In some places population increased by more than 3% which is considerably higher compared to population growth of only 0.7% in entire America. Finally all mentioned cities recorded solid economic output with GDP growing from 1.7% to 8.1%.
If you want to find out more about these places follow the link to Insider Monkey’s article 25 safest fastest growing cities in America with high paying jobs.