25 Tricky IQ Questions and Answers


Are you feeling sleepy and bored? Do you simply love brain teasers? In order to wake up, why don’t you solve some fun tasks from 25 tricky IQ questions and answers?

There are plenty of IQ test questions with answers for free out there, but people mostly look for tricky IQ questions with answers in PDF. After all, that’s what has brought you here, hasn’t it? You’re sick and tired of doing tests that you first have to complete fully in order to see the answers to what really interests you. Or the quiz is only a lure to some more quizzes instead of simply providing you with some easy test questions and answers. That’s not going to be the case here. Insider Monkey will be giving you a question or a puzzle, and immediately an answer to go with it. They respect your impatience.

But you’ll have to be really patient to solve all of them! They’re testing different types of your intelligence. There are math problems with calculations, but also some stories and riddles that just require some good old logical thinking. Also, you won’t find questions like: Which letter of the English alphabet flies, sings, and stings? That one is just funny. By the way, the answer is “B”.

Finally, let us congratulate you on reading these tricky IQ questions and answers instead of clicking on a tabloid or some gossip. Solving problems like these is very good for your cognitive abilities. In short, you’re becoming even smarter. So, start right now with it! Check out  25 tricky IQ questions and answers!