25 Wealthiest Countries in the World in 2015


Wealth is one such substance that nobody can have enough of. The life span of humans is not that great, but we still spend most of our life running behind it, slaving away the hours. Well to sustain life, wealth is absolutely necessary, though you need not be wealthy per say, but you definitely need enough to pay the bills and mortgages at the end of the month. This ever present struggle to acquire wealth is not limited to individuals, entire nations are involved in this cycle. Countries compete fiercely for acquiring wealth and resources, if we look at human history, we will see that many a great battles have been fought over wealth. One country attacking another in order to acquire its wealth. Thankfully, those days are far behind us, but countries still do compete, but in a much civilized manner, which is quite acceptable. There are many techniques and tools to determine a country’s wealth, but we have chosen minimum wealth, of each adult citizen for the purposes in this case.

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