10 Best Selling Smartphones in the World 2015 Rankings


Smartphones are dominating the electronic device market with their huge volume of sales year after year. Statics show that smartphones outsell personal computers one to four. Speaking of statistics, an average American spends almost two hours daily working on his/her smartphone. Perhaps the craving for ubiquity on our part is the key factor in the smartphone’s popularity.

The substantial processing power coupled with the compact size of the smartphone has made it synonymous with convenience. The option of having a device which would fit our palm and which possess the power to make us ubiquitous  is second to none it seems. This is the core idea behind the smartphones overwhelming popularity. The age of smartphones began when in 2007 apples chief executive promised to bring about a device not much bigger than a chocolate bar which will change everything. And after 8 years the Apple’s new flagship smartphone exemplifies the smartphone technology.

To capitalize on the popularity of smartphones, many big brands have entered the market. Today there are so many choices that it is becoming increasingly hard for an individual to go for the right one. The article that I am about the add here deals with the 10 Best Selling Smartphones in the World 2015 Rankings. This article will help anyone understand the trend setting phones of 2015 and make the right choice.