The 10 Most Popular Cell Phones in the World


The smartphone market has grown significantly over the years. At its infancy only a handful would care for purchasing a highly priced mobile phone. But as time passed, people quickly realized how important it is to have a smartphone handy, and the market began to grow rapidly. Today smartphones are available for every budget. The smartphone markets extreme growth rate means that the market is dynamic as well. What used to be a top favorite yesterday, could lose all its favor within a very short span of time. One such example is Blackberry, the company used to dominate the smartphone market, with their innovative e-mail services and “QWERTY” keyboard approach. But just after a few years as they have failed to incorporate dynamism to their business model, they have lost the dominant spot in the market.

So it can easily be derived that the smartphone market is highly dynamic, unless the brands mold their business strategies around this dynamism they will likely fall out of fame. From the perspective of a buyer, if you are an advanced smartphone user, to keep up with ever changing technology you must have to consider a new purchase. But in no way it is a necessity.

What I am basically saying is, what is popular today, within a very short time compared to other consumer electronic products will become obsolete. If you are looking for a new smartphone then please consider going to the full article that talks about The 10 Most Popular Cell Phones in the World.