Top 10 Genetically Modified Food In the US


Genetics is a very promising field of science. It has the potential to contribute heavily in our lives, and already the contribution it made is without a doubt helping the economy of the world greatly. Apart from  foraging and hunting the earliest human occupation has been farming, and to this day, farming is a still a major component of economy. But, how farmers produce crops has changed drastically from the past and in a good way. Most of the vegetables and crops that we pick up from stores are now somehow modified genetically with the help of genetic engineers. The genetically modified foods not only look better, but also have some other properties, like better resistance to elemental changes and naturally occurring diseases.

As for the definition goes, genetically modified foods or GM foods as they are commonly abbreviated are foods that have had some sort of modification introduced to their genetic makeup with the use of genetic engineering. Even though, some might argue that these GM foods could cause health issues, but in most cases it is completely safe. GM foods give the farmers a certain degree of freedom regarding the usage of fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers can expect a greater yield without substantial use of chemical fertilizers and also some crops have been modified to resist pests as well.

I am not advocating for GM foods or anything, but are you wondering which genetically modified foods are most common in the market, well for the answer to that you have to visit, Top 10 Genetically Modified Food In the US.