Among all social events, a wedding stands tall as the most anticipated one. A wedding is not just important for the persons getting married but to their entire families as well. Regardless of ones social standing, at the day of the wedding he/she gets to be the VIP of the occasion. And we as humans always crave the spotlight. It is through only wedding, that two people can finally get the society to acknowledge their love for each other, therefore an occasion of such significance must be made worthwhile.

The decision to go through the wedding is a tough one, but after making the decision, comes the hardest part, as the couple goes through the planning. There are so many things to worry about the regarding the big day. The venue, the food, the special services, the list is never ending. On top of that most of us will be confined to a budget as well. As the saying goes “to get the best bang for the buck” everything must be painstakingly planned. Yet recent statistics show that most weddings in the last couple of years have broken their budgets in America.

If you are planning your big day, or perhaps thinking about it, then the following article is perfect for you. The article over to insider monkey’s blog lists 11 Most Expensive Cities To Get Married in America in 2015. Please go through the full article for details.