Death is the only inevitable truth. Eventually every living being must be laid to rest. We all know this but yet, the passing of a loved one, is an extremely sad moment for us all. Funerals are there for those the deceased had left behind, at funerals we get to pay our final respect. It is though the most sad but yet a very important social gathering. Sharing the grief with others help ease the pain and sympathetic faces help people reorient grief stricken people to reorient themselves and return to normal life.

Though the money spent on funerals will be of no use to the deceased, but it can help his/her family to recover from the loss. So, arranging a funeral can sometimes get costly. But, in case of someone, who not only was loved by his family, but the entire community funeral expense can get really very high. It can end up costing millions of dollars.

We have come up with a list of 11 Most Expensive Funerals in the World. If you click on the link it will take you to insider monkey’s blog page, where you can read more on this topic. Though full of melancholy the topic may be, but it definitely does make an interesting article to read. We can holy hope, that god will have mercy on the souls of the deceased.