We have always dreamed of conquering the skies. And thanks to the wright brothers heavier than air, flying machine our dream has finally been realized. However, are not satisfied with the capabilities of the fixed wing aircrafts. All the fixed wing aircrafts have a few limitations, for example, most fixed wing aircrafts require a runway to go airborne and to land onto, also they lack the ability to hover in mid air, to maintain sufficient lift they must keep travelling forward beyond their respective stall speeds. These are not necessarily flaws in their flight characteristics, but this is how they are meant to perform. And this is where the helicopters or the choppers come in. The helicopters are definitely not the fastest nor the most agile of air crafts, but they are essential in some specific situations, because of their ability to hover above the ground and the ability to land and take off vertically.

Though the helicopters took to the skies much later compared to fixed wing aircrafs, but ever since they have become an inseparable component of every nations defense and rescue forces. In general, they also cost much less to manufacture than a fixed wing aircraft. However, there are some exceptions. Purpose built machines that contain state of the art technology to carry out tasks in extreme conditions.

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