26 Biggest Malls in the World in 2017


Ever since the advent of shopping malls, they have been an integral part of society. A hub of business and social interaction, shopping malls are not just filled with shops there are also restaurants and places to hangout, and even finding movie theaters are not impossible. Today we will talk about the largest shopping malls in the world. Well, there are a lot to consider when it comes to determining the size of a shopping mall. We had the option to go with over all size of the land the malls occupy, or the gross leasable area (GLA) which denotes the total area that can be offered for business operations like shops and stalls. We decided to go with total GLA or gross leasable area. This decision yielded some interesting results to say the least. If you love shopping (who does not) then you will definitely enjoy going through this particular article a lot. One thing I would like to mention here without spoiling it too much for you is that most of the shopping malls that made it into the list are from Asia, and especially China. Well, I would certainly like to talk more about these shopping complexes but the premise does not allow it.

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