If you have been wondering are there any jobs that do not drug test, the answer is yes. Insider Monkey’s ranking of 26 jobs that don’t require drug test in 2018 shows that some employers simply do not care what their workers do in their spare time.
More than half of all employers in America expect from job candidates to pass substance screening test while around one third of them subject their employees to substance screening. Although significant number of companies has decided to include drug testing in recruitment process the percent of job candidates who test positive for drugs is on the rise mainly because of the increase in the number of cannabis users. There is no doubt that for some occupations drug screening should be mandatory. For instance, it is hard to argue that people working in healthcare or in transportation or those operating heavy machinery should not take drug test occasionally. After all, if they are not fully alert they can put their own and other people lives in danger.
However, there are plenty of jobs for which there is no need for drug testing. While reading Insider Monkey’s article you will discover that it is possible to find high-paying, highly responsible jobs, that require broad scope of knowledge, without having to pass substance screening test. You will also find out that some low-paying positions for which you do not need much schooling also do not have drug test among its requirements. Moreover, many of the jobs included in the ranking offer freelance or self-employment opportunities. If you are interested to find out more about this topic, follow the link to Insider Monkey’s article 26 jobs that don’t require drug test in 2018.