26 Romantic Fortune Cookie Quotes


A fortune cookies is not that much different than a regular cookie in terms of taste and texture. However, it is quite different when it comes to its application. Apart from being a tasty snack for your tummy, it can serve another very interesting purpose, that is providing you with very entertaining and inspirational quotes based on many aspects of life. The origin of fortune cookies is rather disputed, several people have claimed to have made the fortune cookie and no one has been credited as its creator as of yet. Though the opinions kind lean toward it being originated, but in fact it has been proven to be false. Though considered an American treat, many countries started to serve the fortune cookies following their immense popularity. Today we will be talking about, the “fortune” part of the fortune cookie. It is basically a written message that is inserted inside the cookie, and the consumer gets to pull it out of the cookie prior to eating it. As I mentioned earlier, these messages cover several aspects of human life, but today we will be talking about the romantic messages that are found in fortune cookies.

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