Most Expensive Public Universities in the US


Education is very important, if someone is to achieve his/her potential. Yes, it is true that one can achieve an average job and average living standards through the basic level of education, but whenever possible, one should try to live up to his/her aspirations. Unless you are talented otherwise, such as as a singer or an artist, etc. pursuing a higher education is the only way to live up to your dreams and desires.

We all are familiar of the great quote from Geroge Washington Carve “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Thankfully, today everyone is born free, but his quote still is not obsolete, the freedom to live a full and prosperous life lies within education. It is generally understood that private universities provide the best educational and academic facilities, but they cost quite a lot of money as well. So much cheaper alternatives are the public universities. In the public university, students do not get to enjoy the luxury that the private universities offer, but in terms of quality of education, public universities are really not that far behind. In fact, we have compiled a list of public universities, that cost more than a regular public university.

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