Ever since the advent of personal computers, engineers have been trying to come up with a device that can provide the user with enough computing power to tackle complex problems and also be portable enough to be carried on person by the user. And that ideology eventually gave birth to the laptop computer. Even though, smartphones outsell desktop and laptop computers almost four to one, but there is a group of customers, who would prefer a laptop to perform the things they need to do on a laptop than a smartphone. Because of the form of the device, laptops are far more durable and sturdy compared to an average smartphone, and the inclusion of a full keyboard and a touchpad in some respect gives the laptop an edge in precision over the smartphone. Though, modern smartphones are well equipped to handle external keyboards if need be, but that kind of goes beyond the smartphone’s initial purpose of being ultra-portable. Smartphones, definitely have their place, but to some, the additional durability and ease of use the laptop provides are the key factor in making a purchase decision. If you happen to be one such person, then we have just the right list for you.

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