3 Insiders at BancorpSouth, Inc. (BXS) Received Stock Grants


On Tuesday, three insiders at BancorpSouth, Inc. (NYSE:BXS) earned grants worth over $10,000 in shares. The chosen employees were Henry Hassell Franklin, Director at the financial holding firm, who received a grant of 424 shares for $25.11 per share; Director Gus Blass earned a somewhat larger grant of 497 shares, with the aforementioned value, while Director James Elbert Campbell received 527 shares.

While these insiders haven’t been very active traders this fiscal year, in line with overall transactions at BancorpSouth, some hedge funds gained confidence in the $2.4 billion market cap company, causing them to increase their shareholder positions and portfolio activity. Thus, the firm now accounts for 0.18% of Fisher Asset Management’s portfolio, Ken Fisher’s hedge fund, with 3.37 million shares, worth $84.1 million.

David Dreman also increased his Bancorp holdings by 3% this quarter, and his hedge fund, Dreman Value Management, now owns 361,308 shares, with a value of $9 million. In addition to this, Q1 showed a new shareholder position with Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, as the hedge fund newly acquired 351,898 shares, worth $8.7 million.

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