Churchill Downs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHDN), saw three insiders lower their position in the company. EVP and CFO William E. Mudd sold 1,179 shares of common stock at an average of $90.11 per share; President of Churchill Downs Int., Edward James Gay disposed of 1,411 shares at an average of $90.11 per share; while President and Chief Operator William C. Carstanjen lowered his holdings by 1,524 shares at an average of $90.11 per share. After these transactions, Mudd directly owns 141,382.2994 shares; Gay directly has 61,502.9089 shares; and Carstanjen holds 164,461.4951 shares directly in the $1.63 billion market cap company.
In addition, there are multiple hedge funds with large stakes in the company. Paul Reeder And Edward Shapiro‘s Par Capital Management holds 1,286,544 shares in the company, worth around $117.4 million; while Gamco Investors, the hedge fund run by Mario Gabelli, holds 900,593 shares worth approximately $82 million after reporting a 2% decrease last quarter, in it’s activity with Churchill Downs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHDN), the horse-racing and entertainment provider.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.