3 Insiders Purchase Stock at KeyCorp (KEY)


KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) saw three of its insiders acquire the company’s stock yesterday. While Directors David Wilson and William Gisel Jr. made a small purchase of 1,500 Common shares, paying a price of $13.56 and $13.66 per share, respectively, Director Kristen Manos made a much larger acquisition. The insider bought 9,000 shares of the $12 billion market cap bank holding firm, and paid a price of $13.58 per share. Following the directors first purchase of the fiscal year, she now owns a total of 44,795 company shares.

On another note, in terms of hedge fund movement this quarter, KeyCorp has benefitted from new shareholding positions, while several hedge funds have also decreased the company’s portfolio activity. Rob Citrone’s Discovery Capital Management is one the new shareholding hedge funds, with newly acquired 6.1 million shares, worth $87 million. And in spite of having decreased KeyCorp’s portfolio participation by 15% this quarter, Ken Griffin’s Citadel Investment Group remains the majority shareholder, with 12.9 million shares and a value of $184.8 million.

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