Yesterday, TransDigm Group Incorporated (NYSE:TDG) saw three of its insiders close stock dispositions. The firm’s Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Secretary, Gregory Rufus, completed the largest transaction, by unloading a bulk of 12,500 shares. The Common Stock was sold in two blocks, however, and with the use of stock options. Thus, Rufus disposed first of 10,000 shares, directly, paying an average weighted price of $170.03 per share. The remaining 2,500 shares were sold indirectly, through Jeffrey P. Consolo (Trustee of irrevocable trust) for $170.00 per share.

Robert Henderson, Executive VP at the $8.9 billion market cap aircraft designer, was the second insider to complete a disposition yesterday, unloading 2,500 shares of Common Stock through stock options, and paying a price of $169.18 per share. Furthermore, President and Chief Operating Officer, Raymond Laubenthal unloaded a total of 1,950 shares of Common Stock in six small sales of 325 shares. The insider paid an average price of $169.78 per share and sold the stock indirectly, through a trust fund assigned to his children. Following the sale, Laubenthal holds a total of 15,473 shares.

Disclosure: none