3 Proven Ways To Make Money Investing In Sports Betting Ventures


For as long as there have been sports, there has been a reason to bet. It’s second nature for sports events to have the option for fans to wager on the results of the events. Let’s say you’re a pro football fan and have pretty good knowledge on how the weekly slot of games might end up panning out, you might end up betting on the best NFL picks against the spread and make some serious money. That’s the magic behind the online sports betting industry.

While since it first appeared the online sports betting industry has had to grind its way into cementing its status as one of the premier sports entertainment options around, nowadays, this industry is booming. With the legalization of sports betting activities in the US working as a perfect gateway into finishing the consolidation of an industry that could be looking at a growth of up to almost $11 billion by the year 2028, there are no clear signs of this industry stopping its growth path any time soon.

When you look at the numbers and the financial ballfield that the online sports betting industry is playing in, the idea of finding ways to invest in it becomes more and more attractive as time continues to go by. So with that said, we bring you our picks for three proven ways to make money investing in sports betting ventures.

Invest On The Technological Side Of The Industry

Given that the online sports betting industry has been able to thrive thanks to the constant technological advances it is exposed to on an almost daily basis, it would make perfect sense for the first choice of path to invest in within the industry to be through the technological scope of it. Directly investing in the companies that offer online sports betting platforms will usually always be the best way to go for somebody who is looking for a safe entryway into the world of investing in said industry. Take for example companies like DraftKings and FanDuel for example, they’re two of the biggest online sports betting service providers in the US, and investing in them has become a very hot commodity around the market. Now, you can go the way of looking for giants such as these or look for smaller, up-and-coming companies as well. The fact of the matter is that investing in the service providers will usually be the best idea, to begin with.

The other route you can take when wanting to invest in the technological side of the online sports betting industry is to invest in the companies that supply the actual technology to the service providers. Instead of investing in the final product, you invest in the assembly line for example. Given that tech companies and startups related to the world of online sports betting are now appearing from left and right, they are becoming a very interesting niche to invest in if you wish to get in from the foundations of the endeavor.

Invest In Large, Physical, Betting Forward Companies.

While we talked about how the technological side of the sports betting industry could easily be the best way to get your foot in the door for investing in said business venture, if you’re looking for a safer route that doesn’t necessarily only focus on sports betting itself but still can bring you very prominent and strong results from the activity, then betting on gaming companies that have a betting forward style of functioning and mentality is a great place to jump into.

Investing in stock derived from companies that hold hotels, casinos, and both physical and online sports betting platforms is a great way to go. Here, you wouldn’t only be investing in the sports betting side of the business, but also in the operational side and everything else that the company offers, allowing you to make more money and diversifying your investment portfolio, even more, all while still focusing on getting into the world of investing in sports betting ventures. Places like the MGM, Caesars, Sands, and others have been known for being great stepping stones to invest in when wanting to enter the world of investing in the sports betting industry.

Invest In You As A Sports Betting Pundit

Yes, our last pick for a proven way to make money investing in the online sports betting industry is to just take the dive and go into the sports betting game yourself. Why? Because for starters, you can start with as much or as little money as you wish and the upside might end up being far more positive than you could’ve ever expected. Secondly, betting on sports is fun, especially once you get the hang of how it all works.

Now yes, betting on sports is not something that can make you a winner from the get-go. All of the best sports betting pros out there will usually talk about how it takes time, knowledge, and preparation to fully grasp the concepts of how to be a winner when it comes to wagering on sporting events. To win, you have to bet basing yourself on facts, not on intuition. So if you do the math, and take into consideration the time, compromise and efforts you have to put in, to become a successful sports betting connoisseur and champion, that in itself could be considered a hefty investment. But one that could lead to very promising results from early on.