37 Documentaries on Hulu That You Need to See


Whether you are into paranormal, animal, medical, or any other kind of documentaries, you will find them among 37 documentaries on Hulu that we though you need to see.

Documentaries are the best way to learn something new, but you always need to be careful when it comes to them. Sometimes, documentaries are not that well worked out, which is why some scenarists make up some facts and events just to gain more viewers. This is all fine if you are making some regular movie or a sitcom, since they are supposed to be mostly based on imagination. But when it comes to documentaries that were supposed to teach the audience something new, making up things is unacceptable.

All the facts that are in some documentaries have to be proven or at least emphasized to be assumed based on some other proven facts. Also, when directors make some documentary, they have to go through all the written and recorded researches, as well as to take the words of witnesses and experts in some field.

Some documentaries only have a purpose to make you find your own conclusions based on some topic. For example, there is a documentary called ‘’Stories We Tell’’. When you look at the plot, it doesn’t seem so irregular. There is a family that reconstruct some event and that’s all. But if you would look closer, you would notice that each of these stories have their personal touch and some difference between some facts. This proves the saying that there are as many versions of a story as there are witnesses or actors. As you can see, documentaries can teach you much even if they are based on a simple plot that at the first sight have no points at all. Giving that said, here are 37 best documentaries on Hulu right now that you need to watch as soon as you are done with this article. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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