Pulaski Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:PULB) experienced an uplifting situation yesterday, as four company insiders rushed to buy stock simultaneously. The talk is of company Director Stanley J. Bradshaw, who purchased 305,642 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $11.07. This is Bradshaw’s first stock acquisition in June, following a small purchase of 1,000 company shares for $11.09 completed in May.

Leon Felman, another Director at the holding company, closed one of the biggest transactions of the day, buying 180,668 shares of Common Stock, directly, for the same price as Bradshaw. After the purchase, Felman owns a total of 374,629 shares. Furthermore, Pulaski’s Director, Michael Hogan, acquired a bulk of 45,167 shares of Common Stock for $11.07, while the President and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Douglass, bought 5,871 shares of the $121 million market cap business.

Regarding the shareholder positions at Pulaski Financial held by hedge funds, Basswood Capital, the hedge fund run by Matthew Lindenbaum, remains the largest shareholder this quarter, with 946,547 shares, worth $9.9 million.

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