Today we are going to review the 5 activist stocks to consider for investors, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Ken Squire is the founder and portfolio manager of 13D Management. His 13D Management was successful last year in 2020 and he managed to extend this to the year of 2021 too with creating around 40 activist positions. Additionally, since the first of January, 13D has brought 9% of return. His strategy was to choose small- and mid-cap value stocks instead of large-cap growth stocks, which seemed to be a good decision in the past two quarters. Ken Squire continue to believe in his strategy and choices, expecting the stocks to perform well in the future, too. 

And now without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have brought three of Squire’s stocks, as usual. GCP Applied Technologies Inc. ranks fifth on the list. Squire is optimistic related to GCP, and his increased his position in the company by 7 in the latest quarter to 4.14% of the 13F portfolio. GCP is involved in building materials and specialty chemicals. The company’s shares grew 9.6% since January 1, 2021; reaching the twelve-month gains to 37%.  GSP Technologies is followed by Trinity Industries, Inc. on the fourth spot. Squire’s fund started its position in Trinity in 2016. The company’s shares boosted by 67% in the past year, additionally Trinity pays a dividend yield of nearly 3%.  The had a revenue of $415 million in the latest quarter, down 51% year over year. Cheniere Energy, Inc. stands on the second spot on the list of Squire’s list. Squire’s fund started its position in Cheniere Energy in 2015, and since January 1 2021, the company has boosted 18%, reaching 91% of twelve-month gains. The prospects for 2021 seem to be much better than expected, and according to Insider Monkey’s investigation, the FY  2021 consolidated adjusted EBITDA in the range of $4.1 billion – $4.4 billion compared to the prior estimate of $3.9 billion – $4.2 billion. The distributable cash flow is expected to be between $1.4 billion – $1.7 billion based on improved market conditions and strong execution. For more arresting information about the activist stocks to consider for investors, please click and jump to see the original article. 


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