5 Best Clean Energy Stocks In 2021


Clean energy has been defined by Environmental Impact Assessment as that energy which is derived from such sources which are replenishing naturally but have limited flow; renewable energy resourced are inexhaustible virtually in duration but are confined in the quantity of energy which is accessible per time unit. An example of such sources could be of wind and sunlight based on their availability and timing. As per the report f Bloomberg New Energy Finance, these renewable energy sources, by the year 2030, will for more than 60% of new generation capacity. We are writing this post on the basis of research shared by Insider Monkey. According to the post:

“The clean energy industry has provided jobs for many Americans over the last couple of decades. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, from 2015-2019, the sector was adding jobs 70% faster than the overall US economy. However the COVID-19 pandemic has took a toll in many industries and the clean energy sector was not immune to this. According to Wood Mackenzie estimates, 2020 global solar and energy storage installations are expected to drop nearly 20% compared to pre-COVID-19 projections. Which resulted in 106,000 lost jobs in March alone in the United States.”

Now, without delaying any further we are moving to share with you the list of clean energy stocks that we have selected. Here we are going to share the 5 Best Clean Energy Stocks In 2021 as reviewed by Insider Monkey. Our list starts with Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure or AY. This company is popular for its efficient natural gas, renewable energy, water assets, and electric transmission in South and North America. The company make an announcement in 2020 regarding the contract signed with Algonquin for obtaining a solar plant of 20 MW with a PPA of 15 years in Columbia. The approximated level of investment would be $20 million. The next clean energy stock on the list is DAQO New Energy Corporation which is also amongst the best solar energy stocks as well. DQ is popular for high-purity polysilicon. The company has recently announced a high-purity polysilicon agreement for the long-term with JA Solar’s subsidiary. According to this agreement, JA Solar will receive mono-grade polysilicon from DQ from January 2021 until December 2023. 

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5 Best Clean Energy Stocks In 2021