5 Best Cloud Computing Stocks To Buy


Today we are going to learn about the best cloud computing stocks to buy today. Insider Monkey’s latest article will reveal which cloud computing stocks you should invest in. This year hasn’t favored to our financial situation, as due to the pandemic, almost all of the industries stopped operating. But it’s not true for computing industry. That’s why if you have some disposable ampunt to invest in stocks, cloud computing stocks are for you!

These uncertain times, we have to cope with nowadays, can spring a mine on us, and it seems to be extremely difficult to find stocks, that can guarantee some kind of strong returns. Unfortunately we need to count with long-term impacts of the coronavirus, and we can’t expect a quick recovery of stock prices within reasonable time. The world is on the doorstep of a new digital transformation, as companies tend to open digital stores instead of maintaining the real ones. This is the right moment to buy cloud computing stocks, as this year has been really edifying, since we had to realize we can’t do without technology.

And now let’s have a look at the best cloud computing stocks to buy today. If you are interested in more information related to the stocks, please click the link above. The first company, whose stocks are worth investing in, is Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA). Among the most popular cloud computin stocks, it stands on the fourth spot. Alibaba Group is predicted to be a trillion dollar company in the near future, and the 154 total hedge funds in June, shows that predictions are close to the truth. The next company on our short summary list, is Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). The main profile of Alphabet Inc is advertising and internet search, nevertheless cloud computing means a continually increasing activity for the company. As Insider Monkey’s investigation shows us it is “expected to be a major contributor to the search giant’s bottom line over the next few years.” From April to June Google Cloud had a total revenue of $3 billion, which is a strong proof of what we can read in Insider Monkey’s article.