5 Best Countries to Teach English in Asia


English has established itself as the global language. Well, at lest most of the civilized world understands English to say the least if not speak in English. If your first language is English, and you love teaching then, our today’s article is definitely going to pique your interest. Today, we are going to talk about best countries to teach English in Asia. As you already know, most of Asia was under to rule of England for a very long period of time. Therefore, English is a very desirable language in the region. Also, Asia may be a single continent, but the countries in Asia are extremely diverse when it comes to culture and especially language. Take India for example, The Indian census of 1961 recognized 1,652 different languages in India. It is absolutely essential to have a common tongue to communicate effectively among people, and people living in Asia has chosen English for this task. As I was saying, if your first language is English, then you are going to have a blast teaching English in Asian countries. Our researchers have come up with a very interesting article regarding this topic, let me point you to its direction.

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