5 Best Hookup Tinder Strategies and Statistics to Get Laid


Once upon a time human relationships were more personal and face to face. However, ever since the advent of emails and chatting, things have changed quite a lot. Specially in recent years, the outbreak of online dating websites have brought somewhat of a revolution in they we date. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing or somewhere in between, we are in no position to comment on that. However, since things got online we can now formulate strategies and look at statistics to predict the rate of success. If you are looking to pick up a date from Tinder and possibly get laid as well, then I think our article can help you formulate a plan for that. Of course, we do not claim that if you follow our strategy you will succeed without fail, rather we are merely saying that by following our suggested steps you will increase your chances of success by a considerable margin. As you probably know already, if you have been following us for a while that this is merely a short intro to our main article, and I am unable to provide further details for you.

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