Today we are going to read a short review about Insider Monkey’s latest article about the best large-cap stocks to buy now according to billionaire Ray Dalio. Raymond Thomas Dalio is among the richest and most successful hedge fund managers in the world, since he founded Bridgewater. Founding Bridgewater, it was a two-room home business and now the company has 1,500 employees, managing more than $165 billion in total assets.

After this short introduction, let’s see what you have come here for – we are going to present you two companies from Insider Monkey’s list. At first on the fourth spot here’s, Inc. (NASDAQ: JD). I think there are hardly anyone out there, who hasn’t heard about it. has been part of Ray Dalio’s portfolio since 2018. In the third quarter of 2020 Bridgewater Associates rose its stakes in the Chinese e-commerce platform by 20%. Billionaire Ray Dalio doesn’t only invest in safe stocks, but has various investments in high growth stocks as well. currently accounts for 1.56% of the portfolio valued at over $129 billion. JD stake seems to benefit to Ray Dalio, since the share price of the Chinese e-commerce platform increased 148% in 2018. Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is on the second spot. Ray Dalio bought $1.3 billion shares of Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) during the third quarter, therefore it has become seventh largest stock investment valued at $195 million. Actually, the investments is 2.5% of the total portfolio. Shares of Walmart increased by 23% in the last one year, extending the five-year gains to 150%. Its operating cash flow increased at $23 billion. If you want to get further arresting information about this topic, please click to the best large-cap sticks to buy according to Ray Dalio.


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