5 Best Long-Term Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold


Today we are going to investigate 5 best long-term dividend stocks to buy and hold, based on insider Monkey’s latest article. Dividend investing is among the best strategies if you want to gain returns in the long-run. The COVID-19 pandemic fairly stoke the the whole world, causing millions of job losses. According to Insider Monkey, we have to count with around 22 million of job losses in the United States alone. The global world economy is cracking under the weight of the pandemic caused crises, shrinking about 3.2% in 2020 and seeing an incredible $8.5 trillion in losses. That’s why investors seek satisfying dividend-paying companies to invest in.

And now without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us about the best long-term dividend stocks. Altria Group stands on the fifth spot with 37 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $1.08 billion. Altria is among the largest tobacco mammoths in the world. Altria has continuously raised its dividend yield in the past 50 years. Lately the firm reported to offer non-combustible tobacco and nicotine products. The stock has increased 8% year to date. Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies is among the largest stakeholders with owning $377.8 worth stake in Altria in the end of 2020. 3M Company follows Altria on the third spot with 44 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $1.3 billion. 3M is a giant that is involved in manufacturing products and equipment related to industrial adhesives, closure and masking, personal safety, abrasives, car parts, display materials and aerospace solutions. The firm raised its dividend for more than 60 consecutive years, and its shares have gone up around 12% for the last year. Johnson & Johnson stands on the second spot with 81 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $5.8 billion. The company has risen its dividend for the past consecutive 57 years. The company is involved in manufacturing and selling skin care, baby care, oral care, women’s health products and over-the-counter pharmaceutical. Its shares has increased for the past year and announced recently to deliver coronavirus vaccine for more than 20 million Americans by the end March. It will be decided soon if Johnson & Johnson’s is recommended for Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use authorization. If you are eager to know more about the best long-term dividend stocks to buy and hold, please click and see the entire and original article.