Are you interested in the best long-term stocks to buy now? Great! We are here to present you with Insider Monkey’s latest article. Billionaire Warren Buffet founded Berkshire Hathaway in the 1960s and since then his strategy of investing for the long-term made him a legendary and exceptionally rich investor. Berkshire generates him an average of 20% returns. Now let’s see some of Buffet’s stock picking principles. He suggests investing what you know, keeping a long-term mindset, identify inexpensive stocks, and investing as if you purchased the entire company.

And now without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked up two companies from the entire list, but if you are interested in the entire list, please click the best long-term stocks to buy now. At first, on the fourth spot, there’s The Kraft Heinz Company (NYSE: KHC). Billionaire Warren Buffet has been continuously interested in Kraft Heinz in the last few years. Actually, Kraft means 4.26% of the portfolio. Although the company’s shares suffered losses for the past few years, Buffet still remained optimistic regarding to its future. And what is extremely positive, that the company offers considerable amount of cash returns to investors making it a good stock hold for the long term. American Express (NYSE: AXP) stands on the third spot. American Express is a credit card company, and is also one of the long-running investments of Oracle of Omaha. Around fifty years ago, Buffet’s investment holding started a position in a credit card company. At present, American Express is Buffet’s fourth largest investments, and it means 6.6% of the portfolio. American Express offers a quarterly dividend of $0.43 per share, yielding around 1.39% currently.


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