Today we are going to learn about 5 best micro-cap stocks to buy now, published by Insider Monkey recently. At first let’s make clear what micro-cap stock means. According to Insider Monkey, it has a market capitalization between $50 million to $1 billion. “Micro-cap stocks have higher risks amid low liquidity and lack of assets. Most of these stocks are early growth-stage companies that are more vulnerable to problems arising both internally and externally. ”

But during an economic recession, these micro-cap stocks can result unlimited growth with long-term sustainability as these companies generally concentrates on long-term projects. Micro-cap stocks regularly don’t enjoy much attention from the Wall Street, but results show these stocks often outperform mid-cap and large-cap stocks.

And now, without a further ado let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for you regarding to the best micro-cap stocks that are worth being invested in. GameStop Corporation stands on the fifth spot with 28 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $164 million. Richard Mashaal’s Rima Senvest Management is the top hedge fund holder with having 3.22 million shares of the company. An insider bought 500,000 shares at around $16 in the end of 2020. Since then the stock has been up 225%. The company is involved in video games retail having more than 5,700 stores in 14 countries. It provides new and used video games (both physical and digital), video gaming consoles, collectibles, accessories, and other miscellaneous items. It also publishes Game Informer magazine. At Home Group, Inc. stands on the second spot with 34 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $370 million. Clifford A. Sosin’s CAS Investment Partners is the top hedge fund holder with having invested $155 million in the stock at the end of the third quarter. An insider bought 275,007 shares at around $17 in January 2021. The stock is up 41% since then. Recently, HOME resumed its growth strategy with three new stores. The company is planning to open 12 to 15 stores in 2021. For more detailed information about the best micro-cap stocks to buy now, please click and jump to see the entire article.


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