5 Best Outlet Malls Near New York City


Outlet malls are awesome. Since there are no third party or middleman involved, you can get products at a very competitive price. I am always hyped about outlet malls opening around me. I mean, if the manufacturers could make it happen, they would prefer running outlet malls as well. Unfortunately, the volume of sales these outlet malls will generate is not that suitable to sustain a manufacturing business. I am not saying that outlet malls do not make a profit, they definitely do, but the volume of sales is definitely much lesser than compared to supplying to a retail store. Since you have shown interest in this article, I am sure you already have a good idea about what these outlet malls are, but regardless let me give you a brief rundown. As there might be some of us who are not really sure about what outlet malls actually are. In this particular case, an outlet mall is a physical outlet which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public, and leaving out the middle-men in the process. In our today’s article we are going to talk about some outlet malls near NYC as you can see from the tittle.

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