5 Best Retail Stocks In 2021


Retail is amongst the highly dynamic sectors of the world, with dynamic customer trends, a constant state of flux, and key shifts in corporate dynamics. Conventional retailers who were in shock already because of the “Amazon Effect” – the particular growing trend of moving towards online shopping – were then crushed in the year 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the imposition of lockdown orders resulted in forcing people to stay at home. This year 2020 sa bankruptcy of iconic and major retailers such as Tailored Brands, Ascena Retail Group, J.C. Penney, Neiman Marcus. Such retailers become part of the already-bankrupt companies from the past including Circuit City, Toy Rus, and Sears. 

But not everything is bad in this retail sector. In fact, the sector is poised to further continue its development. Some of the variables are customer behavior, supply chain dynamics, logistics, and delivery. As per the report shared by Center for Retail Research, this is expected that the total sales of retail industry will go up in 2021 by 2.4%. The outlook of Moody for stablizing the retail industry of US. This is believed by the company that the industry’s operating profits will rebound during the time period of 12 to 18 months. Now, we are going to start 5 Best Retail Stocks In 2021 by keeping in mind the companies reviewed by Insider Monkey in a Yahoo post. So, the first company on the list is Overstock.com Inc., which is engaged in selling bedding, home decor, furniture, and other relevant products. In the past 12 months, a whopping 931% increase has been gained by this stock. According to Insider Monkey:

“Once marred by scandals and leadership problems, the company is thriving under the new CEO Jonathan E. Johnson, who recently said he has no interest in selling the ecommerce business. Overstock retail sales more than doubled in the second quarter as demand soared during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The next Company on the list is Wayfair Inc. also known ad CSN Stores which is engaged in selling home goods and furniture through physical and online stores. This is the market leader firm in the online sale of furniture and is beating the key market players such as Amazon. According to Insider Monkey:

“The company has a market share of 33.4% of online furniture sales, according to 1010data. Gordon Haskett analyst Chuck Grom said in a report that Wayfair saw a 141% growth in checkout domain in January, compared to 93% in December. Zachary Sternberg and Benjamin Stein’s Spruce House Investment Management is one of the 40 hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey who reported having stakes in Wayfair at the end of the third quarter.”

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5 Best Retail Stocks In 2021