5 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy Now


In this article we are going to have a short look in the world of the best small-cap stocks to buy now. If you are planning to invest in small-cap stocks, Insider Monkey’s latest compilation is an important one to read. As you probably know, smaller companies have had more severe issues in the pandemic-stricken year of 2020. These companies are less financially resistant against operational challanges and unpredictable events on the markets. COVID-19 has meant an extremely large defial for them, and according to the Russell 2000 Index, small-cap was on 1.36% on November 6. But on November 9, Pfizer Inc announced they had been able to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus that seemed very promising to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Since then the Russell Index has raised by around 6%, therefore the short-term predictions are more favorable. Insider Monkey turned to Ken Fisher’s Fisher Investment to learn about the small-cap stocks, as Fisher Invesements owns over $100 billion in assets under management. Fisher Asset Management has recently published its latest 13F filing, and showed us its equity holdings as of September 30. As we can see, Fisher’s reputation is still intact, but the hedge fund industry can’t keep up with unhedged returns of the market indices.

Now, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has found for you! We are offering a short forestaste of the entire article, as usual. At first, KB Home (NYSE:KBH) has received the fourth spot on the list. Fisher Asset Management possessed 2.72 million shares of KB Home in the last day of September, after marketing around 45,000 shares of the homebuilder during the third quarter of the year. Actually and surprisingly, new home orders and sales are constantly growing by 17% every year, and the year of 2020 hasn’t been an exception, either. The next company, Stamps.com Inc (NASDAQ:STMP) stands on the respectable second spot of Insider Monkey’s list. Fisher Asset Management possesses more than 609,000 shares of the online postage and shipping services provider, after marketing its stake by 11% during the Q3. While Stamps.com was among the few winners of the coronavirus pandemic, due to the milliards of online shopping across the globe – after Pfizer Inc. announced the new vaccine results, Stamps.com immediately lost from its postions by around 10%. For further useful information, please jump to best small-cup stocks to buy now.