5 Best Stocks For 2021


Stan Druckenmiller is a billionaire and a famous investor who is known for employing a macroeconomics-driven style of investment and this is shown through his portfolio movements as well. The Q3 of portfolio stakes reveals that he is highly bullish on the stocks with a key focus on both growth and value of stocks. There are a total of 61 stocks included in the family office portfolio of Druckenmiller whose total value is $3.4 billion. Druckenmiller has added to around 18 stakes and started new positions in around 16 new stocks. Along with this, 27 stocks are sold out by the firm along with reducing stocks in 14. He has also shown bullish behavior towards the future fundamentals of Bitcoin and gold he is of the view that the low-interest rate strategies of Federal Reserves along with different stimulus measures could lead to increasing inflation in the near future. Therefore, he suggested other investors invest in bitcoin and gold as a response to the hedging against a reduction in the value of the US dollar. This article is based on the post shared by Insider Monkey for the 5 best stocks for 2021.

In the list of the 5 best stocks for 2021, Barrick Gold Corporation is also on the list. An aggressive level of investment has been made by Stanley Druckenmiller in gold during the past few quarters as he is of the view that the depreciating value of the US Dollar will be a support for the prices of gold in coming years. Around 13% of investment and stakes are owned by this hedge fund manager in GOLD. At present, around 4.8 million shares have been owned by Druckenmiller’s family office and the total worth of these GOLD shares is around $136 million. This hedge fund has started the first stake in Barrick Gold during the Q4 of 2018. The dividend yield of this gold mining company at present is more than 1.5%. 

Druckenmiller has also invested in Penn National Gaming and this company is in 7th position in the stock portfolio of the hedge fund according to Insider Monkey. This is a Gaming and Casino company which is the biggest stock purchase of Druckenmiller. The purpose of investing in this company is to gain profits from the growing video-gaming demand. The total value of the shares is $137 million and it accounts for around 3.99% of the entire stock portfolio. For having a quick overview of other stock investments of Druckenmiller, you can read 10 Best Stocks To Buy For 2021 According to Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller.

This article is based on the post shared by Insider Monkey for the 5 best stocks for 2021