5 Best Tasting Cigarettes for New Smokers


Smoking is a waste of money and it is undoubtedly a very bad habit. It is advisable to not smoke at all, but that said, perhaps smoking is the most prolific substance addiction in the world currently. And it is very easy to pick up smoking, as there are not many laws prohibiting or limiting tobacco smoking. Now since that is out of the way, let us get along with our today’s topic. Since you have shown interest in this article. I think it is safe to assume that you have picked up smoking fairly recently. Well, since you are already a smoker, if we point out a new cigarette brands to you, it cannot do more harm I guess. Before you affiliate yourself to a particular brand, I suggest that you try out a few brands. Since I am a smoker myself, I can see why new smokers would look for alternatives to established brands. As the established brands usually tend to cater to the needs of a more seasoned smoker, thus making the taste of those cigarettes bit harsh for new smokers. On the other hand, there are some brands out there who meticulously position their brand toward new smokers and offer much smoother and milder taste fitting for new smokers.

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