Today we are going to learn about the best value stocks to buy now according to Seth Klarman, published by Insider Monkey. Who is Seth Klarman? Well, this billionaire is the founder of Baupost Group, and is among the most renowned value investors. Since foundation of Baupost Group in 1983, it has managed to gain an average returns of almost 20% annually.

Investing in value stocks is regarded to be less popular nowadays, as investors are likely to invest money in high growth stocks, although they trade much higher prices. A value stock is a stock that trades way below its intrinsic value. According to Insider Monkey, “a stock that’s growing its topline by 20% a year can be a deep value stock at a PE multiple of 20 if you expect the stock to keep growing its topline around that 20% rate for at least a few years.”

And which are the best value stocks, according to Insider Monkey? Keep up reading, as we have picked up two of the stocks from their list. On the fifth spot, here’s ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC). Earlier it was known as CBS Corporation, and it plans to go on with its fast spread. It is the fifth-largest investment of Baupost Group, accounting for 5.70% of the portfolio. Baupost Group has had a growth in 2020, although we can’t see any changes regarding to hedge funds positions. The company has gained 85% in revenues growth in the last quarter. Fox Corporation (NASDAQ: FOXA) stands on the third spot of the list. Baupost Group started its postion in Fox Corporation in 2018, and at present it has an investment of $750 million. Klarman has dropped its stake by 1% in sports, news, and entertainment company during the third quarter. If you want to get more information about the best value stocks to buy now according to Seth Klarman, please jump to the entire article.


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