Today we are going to learn about the 5 biggest 3D companies in the world, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. 3D printing is a relatively new technique which was considered to be useful for manufacturing prototypes only. Nevertheless, 3D printing has proven its utility in this pandemic-stricken era, as vast majority of the hospitals struggled with the shortage of the necessary medical equipment as well as protective equipment for doctors and medical staff. 3D printing companies have been able to provide the hospitals with the necessary tools and equipment which was great help.

Consequently, we can see 3D printing is the future of all the industries. People already find out several exciting ideas regarding to the use of 3D printing technology, such as the construction industry can use the technology to come up with all kinds of parts required for building purposes along with the tools needed for construction. It can also be applied for producing gadgets, like laptops and phones.

So what are the largest 3D companies in the world? Let’s take a look at it. Stratasys Ltd. stands on the fifth spot on the compilation. It’s an Israeli company having a market cap of around $1.08 billion. It operates in 3D services for automotive and aerospace industry, and it provides several automotive giants, such as Ford, Honda and Volvo. According to Insider Monkey’s investigation, it also focuses on healthcare and education as part of its corporate social responsibility. 3D Systems Corporation is the second largest 3D printing company across the globe. It was launched in 1989 by Chuck Hull. It has a respective market cap of $2.33 billion and focuses on unique 3D printing technique which is called stereolithography. The company provides consumers with 3D printers, all digital design tools and materials that are inevitable for 3D printing. It offers its products for several industries, such as healthcare, and manufacturing. For more information on this topic, please click and jump to see the entire article about the biggest 3D companies in the world.


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