Today we are going to present you with the biggest companies competing with Netflix, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Netflix has totally changed streaming all over the world. If you think Netflix is a fairly new idea, you aren’t right as it was founded 24 years ago in 1997. Originally, Netflix offered DVDs rent. The idea was instead of paying after every each of DVD you took, you just paid a monthly subscription fee and you could rent out as many titles as you wanted. The company started with around 30 employees and nearly 1,000 titles. As there were no late fee charges and due dates, and people could rent out titles unlimitedly, it started to grow so fast that by 2000 it had around 300,000 subscribers and it became the major competitor to Blockbuster. Then, couple of years later Netflix started to operate in streaming since the internet speed made it possible.

From 2007, the company started to emphasize streaming instead of renting out DVDs. Netflix has become extremely popular in the United States, it was still not that well-known in other parts of the world, so the company began its global expansion. It gain popularity very quickly in several countries, and now it has more than 200 million subscribers and has become a very lucrative company. One of its advantage that Netflix is always willing to improve the user experience. What’s more, it has spent around a billion dollars on creating original content, including movies and TV shows.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the biggest competitors to Netflix, according to Insider Monkey’s investigation. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment stands on the fourth spot. The company owns Crackle, previously owned by Sony, can boast with more than 10 million subscribers, with thousands of movies and TV episodes to choose from. Comcast stands on the third spot on the compilation. Peacock is the streaming platform of Comcast, and has more than 22 million subscribers. Recently Comcast signed a contract with WWE regarding to an exclusive US distribution rights to WWE Network. If you are interested in more details about the the biggest companies competing with Netflix, keep up reading the entire article.


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