5 Biggest Insurance Companies In the World


In these risky times, everyone should have the proper insurances, therefore we thought to bring you the compilation of the biggest insurance companies in the world based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Insurance is among the largest financial services in the world, and companies that offer insurances are among the richest players of this sector.

No-one should risk skipping to take out insurances, as lots of troubles can happen in life. We can be ill, or our house needs to be renovated, or our car is stolen. Having insurances means we don’t have to worry as we are guaranteed to get our money back. But what is insurance? Simply explaining, it is when you pay in order to transfer risk to a second party. Among the most popular insurances you can find life insurances and health insurances. These are in high demand especially in these pandemic-stricken times. If you are a young couple who just start their common life together, or you have just bought your first house, you should browse among the best insurance companies and take out the greatest offers. And if you are a pet owner, it may be essential for you to know that you can take out insurances for your dogs and cats. It’s a very good option, as insurance companies pay off the expenses of the vet or veterinary hospital, which can mean quite a considerable amount. These insurances can be taken out with house insurances, for instance my house insurance includes three of my dog’s insurance for free, as well.

Since the pandemic broke out, all the companies in the financial sector have been hit, insurance companies aren’t exceptions, either. For instance Lloyd’s in the United Kingdom is reported to have a loss of 3,905 million dollars due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now let’s have a brief foretaste from Insider Monkey’s compilation. Allianz has got the fifth spot on the list with its $123,925,000 revenues. It has offices in more than 70 countries with about 76 million costumers. Among many insurances, their main profile is health, life, property casualty insurance and asset management. Ping An Insurance stand on the noble second spot with its $463,385,000 in revenues. This China-based mammoth insurance company offers property, life and casualty insurance, and mainly focuses on China, Hong Kong and Macau, however it has offices and custumers in over 150 countries. Interested in all the insurance companies? Then click to biggest insurance companies in the world, and read the entire article.