5 Cheap Oil Stocks Under $5


Investing in a cheap stock is always kind of risky. Because of their cheap value, these stocks are open to fraudulent manipulations. Something with malicious intent and a lot of cash, which is not uncommon in the stock market trade can easily create artificial demand for such stocks and thus causing the prices to hike. The opposite can also be true as well, someone holding massive quantities of such can start selling them and create a massive price drop so that they can buy them back at a cheaper price. Anyway, I am sure you are aware that we track quite a few high profile hedge funds at Insider Monkey, and when these high profile hedge funds led by remarkable financial managers become upbeat about something, we take notice and share it with our readers. Recently some of the hedge funds we track became quite optimistic about these cheap oil stocks that cost less than $5. If you are thinking about investing in the oil industry, but you do not wish to commit massive quantities of funds then these cheap oil stocks are your best bet right now. Without further ado, let me point you in the direction of the full article.

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