5 Cheap Stocks Bought by Leon Cooperman


Leon Lee Cooperman is a billionaire who is in discussion in news after grilling continuously the GameStop speculation which at present is rattling the markets of the USA. He was a son of a Jewish plumber living in South Bronx, New York. He was 1st one to receive a college degree in his whole family. He was constantly warning that the GameStop endgame episode will not be good, particularly for those who are involved in betting on GameStop. IN a CNBC article on Feb. 1, he reiterated all of his fears and give a warning for speculating in the absence of any investment thesis or inherent value. We have based this piece of content on the basis of post shared by Insider Monkey about 5 Cheap Stocks Bought by Leon Cooperman in which they have shared that:

“Cooperman said that he hopes GameStop speculators understand that the current price of the stock “bears no relationship to the fundamental value” of the business. He said that in the end “water seeks its own level” and unless the GME speculators are excellent traders, they are ‘destined to lose money’.”

He further stated that the particular GameStop is framed in the form of war amongst the poor and wealthy that he considers as a misrepresentation of all realities. According to him the zero interest rate policy along with losses fiscal policies of the Fed are responsible partially for all things taking place in the financial marketplaces. 

The first company on this list is Falcon Minerals Corp that was formerly called as Osprey Energy Acquisition and is engaged in operations related to minerals, gas, and oil space. According to Insider Monkey:

“The company owns mineral rights positions in the core-of-the-core of the Eagle Ford Shale. It owns interests over 251,000 gross unit acres in the Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk in Karnes County, DeWitt County, and Gonzales County Texas. Falcon Minerals has over 3,000 drilling locations.”

Next company we are going to share is Cigna Corp which is the key insurer in the company and is providing accident and life, disability, dental, and medical insurance services. The firm is providing Medicaid and Medicare products and accident, life, and health insurance coverage. The hedge fund of Leon Cooperman has cut down its position by 13% in Q3. There are 62 hedge funds that are showing bullish behavior for Cigna Corp stocks. 

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5 Cheap Stocks Bought by Leon Cooperman