5 Companies Damaged By Social Media Blunders


The age of the internet and information technology not only offered new avenues for business, it also opened new doors for emerging business to reach its customers as well. It gave birth to the social media marketing. By definition social media marketing means, gaining website traffic with the use of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Many businesses operate their respective pages on social media websites. They share content in hopes of arousing the interest of existing and potential customers in their products. But, the content that is being shared on the websites must be reviewed properly before they get posted, because without proper scrutiny something detrimental to the business might get posted. If that happens, before measures could be taken, the company can take a hard hit to its reputation. The ease of accessibility with todays technology, millions of viewers could see the post within a very short time. Companies do strive to make their posted content viral, but if a post with negative connotation goes viral, it could prove very dangerous for a business.

The following article 5 Companies Damaged By Social Media Blunders compiles such incidents. If you go through this article you will understand, how an apparently insignificant posting can take a turn for the worse. And how important it is to strictly monitor social media marketing campaigns.