5 Countries With the Highest Standard of Living in 2020


Today we are going to discuss the countries with the highes standard of living in 2020. Insider Monkey recently published an arresting article about this topic, and we thought it would be interesting for you guys, out there. Living in a country with high standard of living has lots of advantages for the citizens, such as comfortable life, high incomes, strong social net and so on. But it also means that it’s difficult to get a citizenship there. Due to the pandemic this year, more and more people live from hand to mouth, therefore their attention turns to countries where the standard of living is much higher. However these wellfare states have lost a lot during the pandemic. Yet, people can enjoy all of the comforts of a wellfare state, as people here were affected in a less painful way. While lots of people lost their jobs and industries had a forced lockdown, some of these wellfare states could operate almost the same way as earlier. For instance, Sweden didn’t lock its borders, employees from all over the world could continue working, and overall, Swedish went on with their life with self-isolation.

And now, let’s take a short summary on these countries, as usual. At first here’s Norway, this amazing country. It stands on the fifth spot of the compilation. Norway’s economy is strong, therefore its citizens can live a comfortable, well-balanced life. Its infrastructure is also strong, no wonder that Norway is a preferred destination who want to immigrate to another country. Swtizerland has got the third place of the list, and telling you the truth, I was surprised that it doesn’t stand on the first spot. This country is so rich, and so strong economically that it’s really incredible. I have always wondered how Switzerland was able to prevent from being involved into the Wordl War II. It’s a small country and didn’t have a considerable army, and yet was able to back out of the war. Modern Switzerland has remained a bastion of economy and financial world. And on the second spot here comes Denmark. Amazingly 75% of the adults has a paying job, which is an incredible large number. No wonder, lot’s immigrants would like to live here. For further interesting information, click the countries with the highest standard of living in 2020.