5 Funny Female Dating Profile Examples


Would you like to get witty tips and hints how to write funny female dating profile examples? Insider Monkey will show you some, in their hottest article published recently.

At first, let’s make clear what is a good profile and headline like. It should be short and brief, since in these rushing world, nobody wants to read the War and Peace on your profile. If the headline can grab the others attention, you are in for it. You get plus points, if your profile is witty, free and easy, and of course doesn’t include stories about your ex-boyfriends. As of 2020 we can say that we have had everything wrong, this year has been an extremely frustrating one, with full of tears and fears, self-isolation, and industrial lockdown. The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has reached us again, social places had to close up again, therefore it’s difficult to meet anyone. But let’s turn back to our topic, dating. The end of the year is just around the corner, and 2021 will be a much better and healthier year, when we can go on with our lives, or can start the new year with a pleasant date with a sweet guy.

Now, let’s leave the tittle tattle and see what you’ve really come here for, ie two of the witty profile examples from Insider Monkey’s list. These entries don’t really have any rankings, all of them are great and working. At first, what do you think about this one: “I don’t even care if you’re a murderer at this point.” It’s sarcastic a bit, but exactly shows your experiences in a witty way. But I think you should be careful using it lest you should attract somebody crazy. The next one is really great, I think it will make the guys smile and laugh: “If we meet and you don’t look like your picture, you’re buying me drinks until you do.” This means you are open even if somebody doesn’t exactly look like his picture, in one word you are adventurous. It’s great, as let’s be honest, all of us choose the best image of ourselves. So what are you waiting for? Check out the entire list of the funny female dating profile examples and write your own profile now!