5 Ideas To Make Extra Money From Home


Anyone who has ever searched for ideas to make money from home will no doubt testify there are plenty of suggestions.

Some are great ideas, some are less so. Matched betting is usually pretty high up on the list, largely because it’s one of the most efficient ways to make a decent amount from home and in your own time.

Profit Accumulator is the UK’s leading matched betting company, helping members generate a sustainable, tax-free profit each month.

But, the company, founded in Nottinghamin 2014 by entrepreneur Sam Stoffel, also aims to offer advice on how to make money from home in other ways.

Here’s five ideas to inspire you to make extra money from home

Matched betting

OK, so we’re slightly biased on this one but it really is one of the most productive ways to spend your time online for those looking to earn extra income.

The misconception is that it’s a form of gambling but, in fact, profits are guaranteed. It works by placing opposing bets with different bookmakers, with the profits being generated by the bonuses on offer – such as free bets or cashback.

Matched betting is particularly popular with students and full-time parents but Profit Accumulator is home to 20,000 members from a whole variety of backgrounds.

Making money from your blog

If you have a blog, there are lots of ways to monetize your website. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a website – you can make money from Facebook, Twitter and most social platforms.

This can be done through selling advertising space, affiliate marketing or publishing sponsored content.

Having a good amount of traffic, or a high number of followers on social is a big advantage, but big numbers aren’t the be all and end all. A reputable site with good authority in Google counts for a lot and will determine how much you can make from your site.

Online surveys

Research companies are desperate for feedback from genuine humans and will pay for real opinions.

The income for each one varies and most are pretty low but, if you stick to it, the amounts can soon add up. Some will pay up to £3 per survey.

The pros of this are they are very easy to do but they can be time-consuming, with little reward.

Help out on forums

Many companies like to keep staffing costs to a minimum by encouraging customers to help each other out.

One example is GiffGaff, the budget mobile network who have no call centre staff – customers help each other out using an online forum. Customers are encouraged to help their peers by responding to questions and queries. They are rewarded with up to £30 a month.

Customers are also encouraged to refer a friend to the network by sending out a sim card, which results in a £5 bonus to the sender if it is activated.

Review products and services

Just like questionnaire feedback, reviews from real people are worth a lot to most companies. It helps them look good on Google and helps their reputation as a reputable source of whatever it is they offer.

For this reason, they will pay for your opinion on whatever it is they do. Whether it’s offering your opinion on music with SliceThePie, or testing websites or apps with UserTesting, there’s money to be made.

It’s easy and can be quite interesting but, the rewards are small.