5 Illuminati Symbols and their Origins


For those who are in mood to read something interesting today, we have something to share with them. Insider Monkey has an article with an interesting list of five Illuminati symbols and their origins. Let’s take a look at the article to find about them.

On and on throughout history, there were a lot of questions raised about this order; there are many different speculations about them, some people think they are in fact the same group as the Freemasons, some say that they worship Satan, that they are occultists, witches, and that demons control them.

They are often connected with politicians, famous people, tragic events, “accidents”, scams, usually everything that can be described as negative, or more precisely – evil. There are others, of course, who question their bare existence, some say that the idea of the existence of the Illuminati in today’s society is just another big conspiracy theory. To read more, please visit 5 Illuminati Symbols and their Origins.