5 Largest Beer Companies in the World


In this article, we are going to list the largest beer companies in the world, published by Insider Monkey recently. This year hasn’t favored for humanity. We could see several large natural catastrophes, like super typhoons, Australian bushfires, earthquakes, and if it wasn’t enough, the coronavirus pandemic has stricken the world. But there is a new hope risen with the vaccines developed recently. So, let’s put aside the negative cases of the year, and let’s concentrate on a much more pleasant topic – beer and its manufacturers.

Beer is among the finest alcoholic beverages, made by brewing and fermentation from malted barley. Beer is nearly the only alcoholic beverage I like to drink, but actually it has several positive effects on human body, such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. But the most important thing when drinking beer is temperance. Don’t consume too much from this delicious drink, or else it can do harm.

And now, let’s see this tasty market, picking up two beer companies from Insider Monkey’s compilation. At first, on the fifth spot, there’s Diageo plc. It’s a United Kingdom headquartered company, having a revenue of $16.8 billion and a market cap of 91.848 billion. Diageo plc is among largest beers and spirits manufacturers in the world. They have several popular and well-known brands, such as Gilbey’s, Bailey’s, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and J&B whiskey. The company was launched after merger of Guinness PLC and Grand Metropolitan plc merger in 1997. By the way, believe it or not, Guinness is already vegan-friendly. Earlier they used fish byproduct during the filtration process, but recently they changed it up so that the beer would be vegan beverage. Up on the list, here’s Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. having a revenue of $19.22 billion and a market cap of 19.4 billion. Asahi is a Japan-based company, and is the second largest alcoholic beverage manufacturer in the Japanese market, having 3% of the global market share. Alongside fermented beers, the company also sells non-alcoholic drinks and foods, such as coffee, soda water, tea, baby foods, freeze-dried foods and supplements just to name a few. For further information, please visit Insider Monkey’s list of the largest beer companies in the world.