5 Largest Beverage Companies in the World


So which are the largest beverage companies in the world? Keep up reading, and you will get to know! What are your drinking habits? Do you drink alcoholic beverages or soft drinks? How much of them do you drink a day? Do you have favorite brands? If so, come with us and check out this brand new article published by Insider Monkey.

According to Insider Monkey’s definition, a beverage company manufactures drinks, but these drinks can’t be water. Actually, this industry is among the most lucrative ones in the world employing hundreds of thousands of people. In 2018 beverage industry was worth more than 1.5 billion in dollars, what’s more it’s predicted to reach a revenue of 2 billion dollars by 2024. But why does this industry have such an extremely large growth? The reason is to be searched in changed lifestyles, quick urbanization, higher incomes, and the impact of extensive advertisements, and global spread of social media. Drinking these beverages is one thing, but its medical result is another one. High obesity rate isn’t typical to only the welfare states, but it is present in any countries all over the world. Besides fast food restaurants, sedentary occupation, too little physical exercises, beverages are the reasons why modern man is so obese. As for me, I don’t like beverages since I feel even more thirsty than before drinking them, so I always consume water, or home-made juices.

And now let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for you about these mammoth companies. As usual, we present you with a brief summeriz of the entire list. Anheuser-Busch Inbev (Euronext: ABI) stands on the fourth place, and considering its amazing market capitalization in 2019, no wonder it has received such a respectable spot. It had a revenue of 163.22 billion in dollars. PepsiCo. (NASDAQ:PEP) is on the second spot with its amazing market capitalization in 2019 189.39 in dollars. Want to know more about the largest beverage companies in the world? Then jump to the link and check out all the thought-provoking fact!