In this article we are going to show you theĀ 5 largest dairy companies in the world, published by Insider Monkey recently. However we may think dairy industry is among the smallest one in the world, actually it’s one of the largest industries across the globe. As a matter of fact it’s that huge, that it is expected to to be worth more than $587 billion in a few years. So next time, when you open your fridge and drink some milk, you will be part of a half a trillion dollars industry.

Milk is among the most profitable agricultural products in the world. One of the best things around milk that it can be produced all over the world, as it doesn’t need any special location or climate. It’s consumed across the globe everywhere, by everyone from children to adults. Althoug there are lots of dairy animals, most of the milk production comes from cows. Nevertheless, there are extremely delicious and expensive dairy products coming from goats and sheep, too. We have mentioned dairy industry is among the most impartant ones across the globe, yet prices of dairy products decreased in the second part of 2019. But its export increased during the year of 2019, although only by 1%. Still, it means exports were increased to 76.7 million tonnes. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made its effects on dairy industry as well, as the travel bans affected the supply chains. Furthermore millions of large consumer were closed for months, such as schools and restaurants.

Although dairy products are consumed all over the world it’s important to remark that around 75% of African Americans and 90% of Asian Americans are lactose intolerant. This means that the vas majority of non-white people can’t consume either milk or any dairy products. Nevertheless, diary industry provides the 10% of the world’s protein and a billion of livelihoods are linked to this industry.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out two of the largest companies. Yili (SSE:600887) has received the fifth spot on the list, as it’s total sales in 2019 was 13.4 billion dollars. It’s the largest dairy company in China, and it produces every dairy products you can imagine from ice-cream to milk tea powder, everything. Danone (Euronext Paris: BN) stands on the fourth spot with total sales in 2019 $18.2 billion. For more details, please jump to largest dairy companies in the world.


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